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Preteen Ministry Ideas

banana0001.gif SNACKS ANYONE?

Do you find it difficult to always provide snacks for you preteens on Sunday or during midweek programming? Well here is a possible solution for you: We got to a point that we could no longer continue providing snacks for about 100 5th and 6th graders on Sunday morning or half of that number during our midweek programming. So we came up with the idea called “The Stand!” This is our snack bar where preteens can buys snacks at a really low cost – nothing is over .50 and most things are .25! We sell healthy snacks, junk food snacks, bottled water, Coolaid Jammers, and soda pop (Nothing with caffeine!). Kids are not aloud to spend more than a dollar and if they did not finish their snack before large group starts, they have to put it away and save it for later.

All profits (Believe me, even with our prices so low, we still make money) go back into replenishing the stock of snack foods and our preteen ministry t-shirts. We also give some of the profit to missionaries that our preteen ministry supports. I have not lost money, because this ministry pays for itself (It is a ministry, because when we feed our kids, it is meeting a felt need of theirs)! Plus, giving away free trips to “The Stand” also serves as a great give-away or raffle item!


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